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Welcome to Illuminati

The place where Lucifer dwells

Welcome to the Illuminati Grand Lodgetemple, a place of a caring and gracious spirit ― a spirit directly attributable to Lucifers’s presence in the life of Illuminatians and other people. Lucifer Blesses all backgrounds including family and students.

Love the Lord Lucifer

Be Closer to Lucifer

Illuminatian spread love to everyone, reach lost & broken people and meet them right where they are. Illuminati Grand Lodge Temple is a place where people share success storis and life achievements given to them by our Lord Lucifer.

Pray with us the Illuminatians

Join the Prayer For Success

Become a part of the Illuminati and experience how the Power of Lucifer changes lives. Feel free to join us and the community of Illuminatians that will help you on your way to discovering the power of Lucifer and all his blessing.


Abundance Rewards in the Illumnati .

Join Illuminati in Reitz Free State. Welcome to the great temple of Illuminati worldwide. Are you a Pastor, Politician, Businessman or woman, Musician or an Artist, do you want to be famous or you want to become rich or powerful you can achieve your dreams by being a member of the Illuminati with this all your dreams and heart desire can be fully accomplished. People say that the Illuminati are exceptionally wealthy. The truth is that all twelve members of the Ruling Council are wealthy, but money for us, simply funds our mission and Members of our society nothing else
Abundance Rewards in the Illumnati


If your are a Pastor, We give you a Magic Ring, Magic Book and Holy water for performing super natural miracles on people that always come to your church hence having a full congregation of people in your church.


We give Magic Necklaces to muscians or any performing artists so that they get all the fame and attention they do seek from there fans.


Magic Picture Flames are given to political leaders like Presidents, Governors, MPs and Ministers and are given directives on how to use them. They enable them to win elections and seats in their respective positions. how to use them. They enable them to win elections and seats in their respective positions.


Money is not the root of all evil,
money is the route to all freedom. The selfish pursuit of money is a hollow goal, but the pursuit of the goodness that money can create is one of humanity’s greatest responsibilities.


Living humans evolve at a rapid pace and continue to advance in ability through study, practice, and self-improvement. The human species is guarded by a coalition of its most elite members called the Illuminati.


Every human is guided by an inner compass that points toward the Light, revealing truth and direction amidst decisions. All human spiritual beliefs ultimately seek the Light in ways differing only in form and function.



Millions of people from all walks of life have committed themselves to the Illuminati’s global work for the betterment of the human species. By forgoing all divisions of religious, geographical, or political beliefs, members of Illuminati strive to form a planet where all people, in all places, can live in Abundance and be protected from external attacks..

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Grand Masters

Claudiu Ionescu


Claudiu Ionescu heads up the great staff of the illuminati. Formerly a geologist, Albert’s chief calling is to expound the Scriptures of the seven books of moses to instruct Lucifer’s people.

Jacob Jones

lucifer’s agent

Jacob is and agent of the instructions of Lucifer who has labored for the Lucifer in various ministries. He has been humbly serving satan for 20+ years.

Oscar De Afonso

Iniciation Master

Oscar De Afonso is a Grand Master Of the Illuminati. his goal is to spreading the words of lucifer and initiate new members, while also being dedicated to lucifer.

Cody Fisher

blood agent

Cody Fisher is a spiritual demon in human body . He brings forth the words of Lucifer to the grand masters, he talks and dine with Lucifer on the same table.



Illuminati Seven Books Of Moses